Experimentation with low brass

Tubabox the Doppelganger
Benjamin J Mansavage Klein

Tubabox the Doppelganger is an Ubu Roi based character who, in performance,
presents an onging pseudo lecture circuit. Chapter 1: Becoming is the first
series of speeches in which Tubabox the Doppelganger emerges into existence
with a gasp of breath.

Benjamin J Mansavage Klein

Part of the drinking water for Hartford, Connecticut is supplied from five
small reservoirs built into the wooded hills surrounding Talcott Mountain
west of the city. This area is also a popular spot for hiking, biking and
picnics. Since the sounds for Reservoir were recorded on a bluff overlooking
reservoir 3, there are traces of airplanes, mosquitoes, birds and cicadas in
the samples. Reservoir is interactive; playback and volume can be
controlled by manipulating the sample array.

A Hymn to Zoltan Abbassid
Benjamin J Mansavage Klein

In David Blair's film Wax or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees, a bee
keeper by the name of Zoltan Abbassid takes an extraordinary jump into the psychic
realm of the insects he tends. This hymn in is honor of him.

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